Your Virtual Rehabilitation Assistant.

our mission

Ocutherapy offers virtual reality guided rehabilitation – made easy. 

Being user centered, accessible, and targeted, Ocutherapy focuses on brain injury effects by offering interactive therapeutic tasks and being available to those who need it most.


Ocutherapy is simple to use; offering clearly illustrated and guided experiences. Users can start, stop, or continue their therapeutic experience as they please making rehabilitation always within arms-reach.


Ocutherapy puts you in control of your rehabilitation by bridging the gap between game and therapy. This platform seamlessly connects you with the continuum of care to reach your recovery goals.


Ocutherapy learns from you and your unique needs in therapy. Cognitive exercises adjust to focus on what is important to you, creating a truly personalized rehabilitation experience. 

our team

Alexander Theodorou
Founder and CEO

Ryan Odenthal
Creative Director

YuYing Fan

Tommy Tran
VR Technology

our supporters

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What is ocutherapy

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