About Us

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Our story

Ocutherapy was created from the simple idea of getting people better faster. Having been directly impacted by the challenges of an acquired brain injury, Alex set out to find ways to better help this community. His involvement in the field began with his academic training, which later evolved into graduate work focused in this area of recovery following trauma using emerging technology. This effort spurred what had inevitably evolved into Ocutherapy. Having seen these daily challenges as both a caregiver and researcher, Alex’s goal is to create a truly patient-centred and connected rehabilitation experience to inspire and motivate throughout the recovery journey.

Meet the team

Alexander Theodorou
Founder and CEO

With an interdisciplinary background that spans clinical research, neurolinguistics and computational methods, I strive to connect the dots between the brain, language and recovery. Passionate about innovation and healthcare, I have presented across North America, published on the topic, and committed to redefining rehabilitation.

Ryan Odenthal
Creative Director

I am a visual design specialist with a background in creative marketing. My work focuses on combining brand development with interactive design. Through my ongoing study of world events and social analysis I am always conceptualizing innovative business campaigns.

YuYing Fan

Passionate about all things science, I have extensive experience in laboratory research and a broad-based knowledge of science, receiving my Biology degree from McMaster University.

Tommy Tran
VR Technology

With a background in computer science from Ryerson, I am a full stack developer with a passion for game development working across multiple domains from VR to 2D game development.

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